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In 2015, 4 archery hunters killed 2 nice 6 point bulls, and 34 rifle hunters killed 27 bulls. That’s 79% success, with opportunity well over 90%. In fact, 33 out of our 34 rifle hunters shot at an elk.

There is so much more to a hunt beyond whether a bull elk was killed or not. A successful hunt to us is a hunt that that you remember over the years and never forget. It is a hunt that combines incredible scenery with ample game, good accommodations, wonderful food, knowledgeable and capable guides. For me as a hunter, it is all about the experience and the memories. It is a hunt that makes you feel alive. You can go to a high fence area and shoot a huge elk, but will your experience be one to remember? We understand that hunting is about the experience and about your memories and if you get an elk then it is the icing on the cake.

You need to know the basics of how to ride a horse. The more experience, the better. If you have never ridden a horse before, I suggest to take some riding lessons back home. This will get you familiar with riding and you will be much more comfortable. Riding before your hunt will also help condition your muscles because riding uses different muscles than most people normally use.

We know that a good cook in camp cooking fantastic meals helps make a great hunt. In the past, we had prime rib, pork tenderloin, spaghetti and ham for some of the dinners. For breakfast we will have bacon and eggs, pancakes, French toast, breakfast burritos or biscuits and gravy. Our cook normally bakes fresh deserts just about every day. Lunches are normally simple like soup and sandwiches. If you like coffee, there will always be a pot ready for you.

If you like coffee, then there will be a pot ready for you. There will be plenty of snacks. Don’t worry, you will have plenty to eat.

Most hunters will see elk every day. There is a lot of elk in this valley. There are resident elk herds with many elk and we are only 9 miles from Yellowstone National Park and many of these elk migrate through our area in the later hunts.

Weather in the mountains can vary drastically. Some days it may be below freezing or warm up into the 70’s. Snow is possible on any of the hunts and you will need to be prepared. On most nights, temperatures will drop below freezing. We will give you a list of items that you will need to bring.

Please see our License Info Page for complete instructions.

For the younger hunters in good shape, we will spot and stalk. For the older hunters, we will spot and stalk but also slow down and sit and rest as you might require. In the morning, we might ride and glass for elk and find a herd that has a good bull in it. Next we get on our horses, ride and get close to them paying close attention to the wind. Then we stalk them bugling or cow calling depending on the phase of the rut. Now this is real hunting – absolutely no comparison to a truck hunt.

No. Our elk hunt area is deep in the wilderness. Wyoming law prohibits nonresidents from hunting in wilderness areas without a guide.

Our elk hunts are in the Thorofare Valley and are 8 days. The first day will be your ride into camp. It will take 7 to 8 hours to get to camp. Day 2 to 7 will be hunting, a total of 6 days. On the last day, day 8, we will head back to civilization.

In town is the Wild Bill Cody museum which has been featured on television numerous times. Another great option is to rent a car and sightsee. You can travel to Yellowstone National Park. South of Cody is Kirwin which is a ghost town in the mountains. Another nice drive is up in the Beartooth Mountains on the Beartooth Highway. You could spend a week site seeing.

Absolutely not! This is a wilderness hunt and there are no fences.

Year after year, this camp has averaged above 90% opportunity for 5 and 6 point bulls; however, there will be some that will go home empty handed, but that is hunting. As a hunter, there are a lot of factors such as being in shape, your ability to ride a horse and your shooting ability that will affect your hunt.

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By limiting the number of hunters per year we manage the elk herds so that each year, there are quality elk to harvest.


Yellowstone is 9 miles away where there’s no hunting on 2.2 million acres. Elk freely move between Yellowstone and the Thorofare.


To get to our camp, we ride by horse/mule approximately 7 hours.


Most of our guides have been guiding in this camp for many years.

Becca Crum, Batesville, Indiana

"2018 Thorofare Elk Hunt: I was extremely satisfied with our trip, we all killed nice bulls and it doesn’t get any better than that. I would like to thank everyone at Constant Quest Outfitters for their hard work and dedication for a once in a lifetime elk hunt. I hope to come back in the future!"


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